The ATLmaps platform combines archival maps, geospatial data visualization, and user contributed multimedia location pinpoints to promote investigation into any number of issues about Atlanta. This innovative online platform will allow users to layer an increasing number of interdisciplinary data to address the complex issues that cities pose. The project looks to offer a framework that incorporates storytelling reliant on the geospatial data and for normalizing input across a range of data sets about Atlanta so that material can be cross-compared in novel ways, allowing users to make connections between data sources and ask questions that would not be apparent when only looking at one particular project. The ATLmaps project will also encourage knowledgeable members of the university and local communities to curate data on the site to demonstrate the possibilities for synthesizing material across projects and data types.

ATLMaps is a collaboration between Georgia State University and Emory University. The project is in active and heavy development.

  • Co-Creator and Co-Lead (2011-Present)
  • Grants and Awards
  • Publications:
  • Presentations
    • “Deep Mapping Inequality” International Conference on Polarisation, Fragmentation, and Resilience, Hong Kong, fall 2017
    • “ATLMaps: Deep Mapping Partnerships” Global Partnership for Better Cities, Hong Kong, fall 2017
    • Atlanta Studies Meetup on ATLMaps, fall 2017
    • Map Librarian Interest Group, Atlanta, winter 2017
    • Digital Scholarship Interest Group, Atlanta, winter 2017
    • The Society of Georgia Archivists, Atlanta, summer 2016
    • University of West Georgia Map All-Day Workshop, summer 2016
    • Carterette Webinar, Atlanta, summer 2016
    • Stadiumville demo, Turner Field Livable Centers Initiative Meeting, winter 2016
    • “Deep Mapping a Metropolis: ATLmaps’ Art, Planning, and Ice,” Digital Humanities Benelux, The Hague, summer 2014
    • “Digital Atlanta: ATLmaps” Organization of American Historians, Atlanta, spring 2014
    • “Geospatial Storytelling and Community Mapping in ATLmaps” South Atlantic Modern Language Association, Atlanta, fall 2013
    • “Two Approaches to a Deep Map of Atlanta” North American Cartographic Information Society, Greenville, fall 2013

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